About RSKM Executive Recruitment

"The OC Recruiters"

My vision is to build a company where myself, my family and my employees are proud to say they are a part of. The core values of Ethics, Integrity, Respect, Honesty and Trust will be values not just spoken but practiced daily.

We are in the recruiting business. The measure of our success will be based on the relationships developed with our Clients and Candidates. Our Clients deserve to trust we will provide them with candidates that will enhance, provide profitability, and assist in the growth to their perspective organization. Our Candidates deserve to trust we have their best interest in mind. Providing advancement in their careers and lives is our responsibility. The positive impact we have is tremendous.

Our reputation is crucial. Referrals from Clients and Candidates are our highest compliment. They will never be taken for granted. As the company grows and becomes profitable giving back to the community will be an ongoing commitment.

The employees of this company will guide its success. The growth and expansion of its services will be the result of an entrepreneurial environment where hard work, creative thinking and open communication will be encouraged and rewarded. It is the company's commitment to challenge each employee to perform at their highest level. It is the company's commitment to provide resources to do so. It is the company's commitment to provide an atmosphere where work /life balance is encouraged and practiced. It is the company's commitment to reward the employees with opportunity and financial gain as a result of their performance.

It is the company's responsibility to make financial decisions in the best interest of the future of the company. Doing so will ensure a solid future for all those involved in creating its success.